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From 16 April on we are on the Meiereiwiese in Mödling serving you Kaffee mit Herz. BeanBoy is there Thursday, 12.00-18.00 hours, and Friday until Sunday, 10.00-19.00 hours, every weekend when the weather is supporting us. Come by and enjoy nature and coffee. More information, look at Where is Beanboy? We are depending on the weather so please follow us for real time opening hours.
Floor van Zuidam is the owner of BeanBoy. A coffee professional with extensive knowledge and training in coffee preparation, gastronomy and facility management. Let's gather around a great cup of coffee and let your senses be moved. Smell, taste and feel the difference. BeanBoy is ready to serve and surprise you.

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We bring coffee and unique experiences together.

Consistency in coffee is important. Quality is key.

We see our coffee providers and roasters as an extensive part of our team. Our top selection of roasters helps us bring the coffee beans from harvesting to processing and completion, in its purest form. This way, you can go beyond savoring your coffee - you taste where your coffee comes from.

Single-origin, blend or surprise? We can take you on a journey towards the full spectrum of coffee tastes, textures and scents to spot the coffee that suits you.

This is our selection of roasters
we currently work with and
we acknowledge as excellent:

Alpha Coffee (Saint Polten, Austria)
Goppion (Treviso, Italy)
Süssmund (Vienna, Austria)
22Beans (Wiener Neustadt, Austria)
Alt Wien (Vienna, Austria)
Wild Kaffee (Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany)
Trevo (Au im Bregenzerwald, Austria)
And we keep on searching!
It's a world full of coffee experiences out there. Explore it!

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