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BeanBoy is a family-owned business originated by a passion for hospitality, the sharing of a moment together in a beautiful atmosphere. BeanBoy is at your service to nurture these moments of joy and happiness.

The idea for starting a coffee shop dates back to 2015. By then it was just an idea with a cup of coffee on the table, but by the spring of 2019, my dream became reality—yet not as expected.

Falling in love is beautiful. That is why I am in Mödling, Austria. I also fell in love with the BeanBoy CoffeeTruck, our vintage Peugeot J7. Born in 1973, our truck is called Dorotea, known as ‘the gift of the Goddess’, in Greek. Thus, BeanBoy became a means to spread some love in the world by making excellent coffee and the occasion for people to meet.

I had a dream as a child to work with food and drinks and to serve guests, taking care of others makes me happy. I pursued this dream in many forms, studying Hotel Management, working in the hospitality business, cooking for friends and always searching for soul food. Wandering through life, coffee came on my path and that’s when all the puzzle pieces fell into place. So here I am—loving the practical part of making the coffee, loving the thought of having my own business and, most of all, loving to meet guests and hear their stories.

I am glad to have you and thankful that you choose to spend your time with me

Floor van Zuidam, BeanBoy owner

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We provide Mobile Coffee Services for both private and corporate events. We have done weddings, product presentations, birthdays, jubilee and thank you events. We will find a reason!

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